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About Cue-Mate

  • For the management of reproduction systems in cows
  • For managing the non-cycling cow
  • For inhibiting the onset of oestrus or synchronising multiple cows
  • An effective progesterone treatment with an animal friendly carrier system (Wishbone) that is re-usable.
  • Available from the consulting veterinarian.

Cue-Mate offers an efficient progesterone treatment system, using specially designed Treatment Pods that attach to a "Wishbone" Carrier System that may be reused.

PodTreatment Pods
The Treatment Pods deliver the progesterone from a traditional silicone/progesterone matrix. They have a unique "gill shaped" design to maximise progesterone release and minimise residual levels after use.

Two Pods are attached to a Wishbone. After use they are detached and discarded and are not re-used with the exception of when they are being used in a reinsertion program.

WishboneThe "Wishbone" Carrier System
The Wishbone is designed for animal comfort and safety. It has two "S" shaped arms that can flex while inserted in the vagina, with sufficient tension to ensure the device is retained but with sufficient flexibility to enable the device to compress and flex when the animal moves or changes posture.

The Wishbone carrier system can be re-used after a simple sanitising procedure.

Cue-Mate is supplied ready to use.

Cue-Mate is supplied ready to use.

Cue-Mate Pods and Tails are also supplied separately.

Cue-Mate Pods and Tails are also supplied separately.

Cue-Mate Wishbones are licensed for re-use in New Zealand.

Cue-Mate Wishbones are licensed for re-use in New Zealand.

Cue-Mate Uses
Cue-Mate will elevate plasma progesterone levels in normal grazed animals sufficiently to inhibit follicle maturation for at least seven days and longer under certain conditions.

  • For the treatment of anoestrum in cows with a six day treatment followed by a 1mg dose of oestradiol benzoate. See figures 2,3.

  • To synchronise oestrus in cycling cows with a seven day Cue-Mate treatment with a 2mg dose of oestradiol benzoate at the start of treatment and a dose of prostaglandin F2a at the time of device removal.

  • Specialist use where progesterone priming is beneficial for synchronising oestrus or for inhibiting follicle maturation.

  • Other programs such as repeat insertion programs or extruded insertion periods may be prescribed by consulting veterinarians.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 4

Cue-Mate applicator
Cue-Mate applicator being loaded

Cue-Mate is supplied fully assembled or as replacement Pods and Tails


This site is intended for New Zealand audiences only. Bioniche recommends that prior to
commencing any reproductive program using Cue-Mate the producer
should consult their Veterinarin.

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